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PostSubject: Queadluun-Rhea   Sun May 02, 2010 1:27 am

Equipment Type: zentradi/meltrandi battle suit
Government: New U.N. Spacy (NUNS), Strategic Military Services (SMS)
Manufacturer: Zentradi Army.
Introduction: unknown.
Operational Deployment: unknown.
Accommodation: pilot only
Dimensions: overall height 16.85 m (without the barrel of beam cannon)
Mass: overall 35.5 metric tons, fully equipped (pilot weight 7.5 metric tons, anti-G pilot suit and life support equipment around 8.5t), propellant, high-maneuverability micro-missiles and impact beam cannon.
Structure: unknown.
Power Plant: two Quimeliquola/General Galaxy FC-2055μ thermonuclear converters.
Propulsion: 2 x auxiliary propellant tanks (mounted on the back); 2 x high-maneuverability verniers (mounted in the ends of the legs); 1 x thrust pod (mount on right side rear engine).
Performance: acceleration normally 22.5G; up to 25G at super acceleration; Quimeliquola Inertia Control System inertia neutralization function can reduce the load on the pilot to 18G, but pilot must still wear a G-suit.
g limit: unknown
Design Features: Quimeliquola inertia vector control system; 1 x optional independent Shinnakasu Industry/L.A.I FAB-1000 fold booster; 1 x main cockpit screen; active stealth system; fold navigation is possible with updated avionics system for use with independent fold booster; energy converting armor is adopted for the cockpit in addition to a simple cold-sleep function; two circuits of the flight control system were doubled to four (a primary and secondary) to improve survivability; a BDI system is partially introduced to the operation system.

- Armament -
# Guns: 2 x Mauler LPG-30/3R 30mm air-to-air high-speed-rotating tri-barrel laser pulse guns (mounted one per lower arm)
# 2 x (auxiliary guns) Bifors AA-55/QD 55mm medium-bore impact cannons (mounted in front torso)
# 1 x Bifors AA-76/QD anti-ship impact cannon (mounted on left side rear engine on pivoting mount)
Bombs & Missiles:
# 4 x Bifors close-combat short-range super-miniature high-maneuverability missile launcher pods (one per left/right rear engine mount and one per outer side of left/right knees)
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