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 Shinnakasu/Northrom Grumman VB-6 König Monster

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PostSubject: Shinnakasu/Northrom Grumman VB-6 König Monster   Sun May 02, 2010 2:08 am

Equipment Type: variable bomber and heavy combat destroid
Government: U.N. Spacy, New U.N. Spacy, Strategic Military Services (SMS)
Manufacturer: Shinnakasu/Northrom Grumman
Introduction: 2032
Operational Deployment: 2040
Accommodation: three (pilot and two bombardment officers); single pilot operation possible via EX-Gear system.

# Shuttle/Bomber Mode: wingspan 24.42 meters; height 6.77 meters; length 29.78 meters
Mass: empty 101.9 metric tons
Structure: space metal frame, energy converting armor
Power Plant: one power generator (built in rear dorsal section in Destroid/GERWALK configurations, central ventral section in Shuttle/Bomber configuration), output unknown; four Shinnakasu/P&W/Royce FF-2025BX thermonuclear turbine engines (VF-X Ravens version); four Shinnakasu/Vigors Combined Electromagnetic Plasma Rocket Engine & Railgun System (charged propellant expelled from rockets for thrust using the rail gun system).
Propulsion: 31,700 kg x 4 (maximum thrust in space) (310.98 kN x 4 in space); 26,500 kg x 4 plasma rocket engines (259.97 kN x 4); (plasma rockets are only used for emergency landing and high acceleration; VB-6 thrust is usually obtained from four thermonuclear turbine engines); jet nozzles x 4 (mounted in wing/feet, used for hovering in GERWALK configuration); many x P&W HMM-6B high maneuverability vernier thrusters (mounted in forward nose in Shuttle/Bomber configuration).
Thrust-to-weight ratio: VF-X Ravens Type (empty) 1.24; (with plasma rocket engines) 2.28
# Shuttle/Bomber Mode: at 10,000 m Mach 1.7+; at 30,000+ m Mach 3.2
Design Features: 3-mode variable transformation; sensors (mounted on missile launcher/arm sections); power generator stowed in rear dorsal section in Destroid and GERWALK modes or in central ventral section in Shuttle/Bomber mode; Foldwave Amplification Device and Foldwave Analysis Device installed in bomb-bay (S.M.S.-specification);

- Armament -
# 4 x Shinnakasu/Vigors 320 mm rail guns; the railgun is capable of precision fire to a range of more than 100 km when utilizing self-guided warheads; reaction warheads available (mounted dorsal section in Destroid/GERWALK modes, stowed rear dorsal section in Shuttle/Bomber mode)
# 1 x 30 mm small-bore Anti-Air Anti-Ground vulcan gun (mounted forward chest section in Destroid/GERWALK modes, aimed forward in nose section in Shuttle/Bomber mode).

Bombs & Missiles:
# 2 x Raytheon/Shinnakasu 3-barrel Anti-Ground Anti-Ship Heavy Missile Launchers; (mounted in arm sections facing rearward in Destroid mode, forward in GERWALK mode, stowed port/starboard of center dorsal section in Shuttle/Bomber mode); missiles capable of firing in Shuttle/Bomber mode by extending missile launcher units or extending two rear auxillary barrels; anti-ground anti-ship missiles are normally loaded; option of multi-warhead, reaction warhead missiles and other missile types.
# 2 x High-Speed Anti-Air Anti-Ground Close-Range Small High-Maneuverability Missile Launchers, to fire arm unit missiles in Shuttle mode (mounted in mid outer arms in Destroid/GERWALK modes, mounted in rear dorsal section in Shuttle/Bomber mode)
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Shinnakasu/Northrom Grumman VB-6 König Monster
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