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 VF-27 Lucifer

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PostSubject: VF-27 Lucifer   Sun May 02, 2010 2:37 am

VF-27 Lucifer

Equipment Type: variable fighter
Unofficial codename: Purple 1, YF-27
Government: Macross Galaxy Fleet
Manufacturer: Macross Galaxy Variable Fighter Development Arsenal.
Introduction: December 11, 2057.
Operational Deployment: 2059.
Accommodation: pilot plus passenger in auxiliary standard ejection seat
Battroid Mode: height 14.43 meters (with beam gun).
Fighter Mode: wingspan 14.57m (fully extended); height 4.29m (with landing gear); length 18.8m.
Mass: 12.08 metric tons
Structure: assumed space metal frame, energy converting armor
Power Plant: four Shinnakasu/P&W/RR/MG FF-3011/C Stage II thermonuclear reaction turbine engines.
Propulsion: 1,377 kN x 4 (maximum thrust in space); many x P&W HMM-9 High maneuverability thrusters.
Thrust-to-weight ratio: (empty) 46.48
Fighter Mode: at 10,000 m Mach 5.2+, maximum speed due to heat-resistance limit of the fuselage, Mach 9+ possible for brief periods by protecting the fuselage with the pin-point barrier and energy conversion armor; cruise mode uses 2 of the 4 engines and main wings serve as cooling system.
g limit: unknown
Design Features: 3-mode variable transformation; thrust vectoring is possible on main-wing engines with circumferential-moving nozzles; 4 x canard wings (on forward nose); capable of attaining unassisted orbital velocity over an Earth-class planet; MG development IVC/GC 01ɣ ISC (Inertia Store Converter); brain wave flight control system, developed from the BDI system, with optional remote operation (links pilot cranial nerves and airframe central computer directly with optical circuit to reduce response time); manual flight controls (for emergency-use only); secretly developed next-generation technology virtual cockpit (cockpit simulates transparency, pilot utilizes implant interface); improved maneuverability due to feedback (pilot feels as though flying through air); armored canopy (protected by energy conversion armor); linear actuators, similar to VF-25 Messiah, reduces transformation time and fragile mechanisms via electromagnetic system of non-contacting structures.
- Armament -
1 x Mauler RÖV-20 20mm beam gun (mounted center dorsal section in Fighter/GERWALK mode, becomes head turret in Battroid mode)
2 x Sentinel HBC/HS-35B 35mm heavy beam machine guns (mounted forward outer engine nacelles in Fighter/GERWALK mode, rear torso in Battroid mode)
1 x BGP-01β 55mm heavy quantum reaction beam gun pod / beam grenade, 16.85m in length and 3 metric tons in weight, (mounted center ventral section in Fighter mode, carried in manipulator in GERWALK/Battroid modes); the gun pod has both a rapid-fire mode and a hyper-grenade firing mode
1 x standard bulletproof (anti-projectile) shield (mounted center rear dorsal fuselage in Fighter mode, mounted on arm in GERWALK/Battroid modes)
2 x Remmington ES-25A 25mm high-speed machine guns
or 2 x Mauler RÖV-25 25mm beam machine guns (mounted left/right of intakes in Fighter/GERWALK mode, on rotating hip mounts in Battroid mode)
1 x retractable knife, reinforced by pin-point barrier system (mounted inside left arm shield)
1 x pin-point barrier system
Bombs & Missiles:
4 x Bifors BML-04B internal micro-missile launchers (two launchers per wing mounted on the outer edge of the outboard engine nacelles)
Optional Equipment:
1 x L.A.I. super fold booster.
Optional Armament:
25 mm high-speed machine gun and micro-missile warheads are later refit with anti-Vajra MDE warhead specification. Beam gunpod is refit to MDE particle beam specifications.
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VF-27 Lucifer
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