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 Tsubine (Done!)

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PostSubject: Tsubine (Done!)   Thu May 06, 2010 6:00 pm

Basic Information
Name: Tsubine Blanc
Nickname(s)/Alias: Tsubine Zanifir von Zarkonheinz III;
Gender: Male
D.o.B/Age: March 10, 2038; 21
Blood Type: AB+
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Height: 6'1.5"
Weight: 179lbs
Appearance (Image):
Affiliation: Strategic Military Services (S.M.S.); Skull 05 or Eagle 01

All-Around: Tsubine is quite trustworthy, though the slightest thing can change that in a heartbeat. He can easily persuade people and fairly influential. He rarely will take a woman out on a date then ditch her before the second date, contrary to his younger brother. Tsubine does not like to be known as the brother of a court-martialed soldier (Jessica Blanc), even though the two weren't close. He also has a temper you don't want to set off.

Off Duty: While off duty, Tsu is known to drink a bit, though not enough to impair him. He moved close to the S.M.S. base so he could easily access his custom black VF-25G. His main hobby is reading, mostly religious works, as he is a self-proclaimed athiest. When not reading, you'll see Tsubine polishing his VF-25G or recalibrating the rifle. He rarely will "hang out" with Michael.

On Duty: Since Tsubine is so close to the S.M.S. base, he keeps a firm eye out for alerts. When on duty, he keeps near his VF-25G, even going as far as sleeping in her cockpit. When called to the bridge of the Macross Quarter, he is always the second one there, following Ozma Lee. While Ozma and Tsubine get along off duty, on duty they are rivals. It might be apparent that Tsubine has a small interest in Ozma's sister, Ranka.

In Battle: His nonchallant attitude is thrown aside, and Tsubine is quite serious. He refuses to joke around in battle, and will scold anyone who does. Despite having a sniper Valkryie, Tsubine operates mainly in mid to close-range combat, relying heavily on his knife. While fighting in his EX-GEAR, Tsubine will use glass to his advantage, and actually has a HUD built into the right lens of his glasses.

History:Tsubine Blanc is the older brother of Mikhail/Michael Blanc, also known as Skull 2. He is the middle child of the Blanc family, though he disowned his sister Jessica at a young age. Tsubine was taken up by his father in VF-11 Thunderbolts until he was 9. His dad died when he was 9 due to a Zentradi attack. However, by that time, Tsubine already had a taste of the sky. And he wanted more.

Entering Mihoshi Academy when he was 10, Tsubine excelled in all of the Aerospace classes. When he learned of his older sister Jessica’s death, his grades and mental stability went a bit low. He was known to skip school and go out into the countryside and shoot at targets he painted. Eventually, the school caught on and sent, at that time, Ensign Ozma Lee to apprehend him before he hurt someone. Ozma was still in the N.U.N.S. and the S.M.S. wasn’t formed. Ozma was a bit surprised that a young man could shoot and fly and EXGEAR at the same time. He told Tsubine to go back to school and he would put in a good word for him if he’d join the N.U.N.S.
Hoping on Ozma’s word to get him into the N.U.N.S., Tsubine did return to Mihoshi. The night before he was to turn 18 (the legal age to join the N.U.N.S.), Ozma confronted Tsubine and made him an offer. The offer was simple. Either he would still get Ozma’s word if he was to join the N.U.N.S. or he could fly alongside Ozma in the S.M.S. Tsubine’s choice was obvious. The S.M.S. was where he was going.

Ozma’s word did get Tsubine into the S.M.S. However, the S.M.S. back then was nothing more than a PMC funded by Frontier’s government. It took many months before the second YF-25 was shipped to the Macross Quarter. Ozma personally trained with Tsubine, and so he gave him the callsign of “Eagle 02” (Skull Squadron had not been formed by then). After two years flying recon duty and taking out whatever got in Frontier’s way, the S.M.S. was offered “Black Ops Clearance 0,” which would give them the top clearance of any military group…if they joined the N.U.N.S. as a Special Forces unit.

After a week of deliberation, Captain Jeffrey Wilder went with the now-unanimous decision to stay as a private military organization. President Glass knew there would be no negotiating with these people, so he allowed them to stay…if they could get two more pilots, that is.The first choice was Luca Angeloni, whose father headed LAI Technologies. The second choice was much more difficult. Not only were there so few good candidates, there was even fewer that were specialists.

As the deadline of gaining another pilot loomed closer, Tsubine said that he’d lead a squadron of snipers if his brother could join the S.M.S. Ozma agreed reluctantly, and Captain Wilder agreed almost immediately. A pilot from the N.U.N.S. was chosen to be the new Eagle 03. However, Ozma changed it from Eagle to Skull Squadron, and so Tsubine became Eagle 01. By now, the S.M.S. had a total of six pilots, including the pilot of the König Monster.
Tsubine was offered a job from Ozma to further train the pilots-to-be. He initially declined, but when Henry Gillian was chosen to teach them, Tsubine immediately accepted the job. After a week of picking a remote area to train at, Tsubine took a grand total of seventeen students to an area somewhere in Island 12. Tsubine always put Michael in the middle of the roster to shoot, just so he couldn’t show favoritism. That’s when an accident occurred.

On Michael’s 17th birthday, Tsubine allowed Michael to shoot first (it was a custom for someone who had a birthday on the day of training to shoot first). He lent Michael his .50 caliber semi-automatic anti-armor rifle. That was a mistake. Michael shot and hit the target successfully. However, the bullet pierced the back of the tree and hit an unarmored military fuel truck. The bullet somehow caught the fuel on fire and it soon exploded. The truck and driver were disintegrated nearly instantly.

Michael was not held responsible, since it was a freak accident. However, it was soon discovered that there was also a fire lit behind the target. As the bullet had passed through the fire, it had become hot enough to ignite the fuel. The man with the fire was fined and fired from his job. Soon after, Michael’s official recognition as a member of the S.M.S. came through. Michael was now Skull 03 and Henry was Skull 04.

As Eagle Squadron’s soon-to-be-pilots graduated, a few died under mysterious circumstances. It was later proven to be a suicide pact. Tsubine trained the pilots in VF-25G combat, though only a few could actually grasp it. Thus, he sent the ones that were unable to shoot well in the Messiahs to the N.U.N.S. When the pilots that were left-over were assigned their VF-25Gs, Eagle squad was disbanded. The order was given to save money due to the high cost of paying for the protoculture, parts, and ammo for 10 extra VF-25s. With the S.M.S. gaining a bit of money after every mission, they've promised Tsubine to reinstate Eagle Squadron. Until then, he is serving in Skull Squadon as Skull 05.
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Tsubine (Done!)
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