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 Johnathan Walker

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PostSubject: Johnathan Walker   Wed Mar 02, 2011 11:16 pm

Basic Information
Name: Johnathan Walker
Nickname(s)/Alias: Skull 06, Mr. Confidence, John, Jonny (Nickname given by everyones favorite gayman, Bobby)
Gender: Male
D.o.B/Age: 18.05.2041 / 18 years old
Blood Type: AB+
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Height: 1,80 meters
Weight: 90 kg
Appearance (Image):
Affiliation: SMS - formerly: Galaxy Military
Implants: Cybernetic lung (resistant to poisons, able to breathe thinner air), artificially enhanced body structure to withstand larger strains
"If you're that arrogant, you're either the best or you're fired."

Johnathan is often called Mr. Confidence - out of good reasons. In his own mind, he stands above everyone else in anything, and doesn't believe that he can lose, no matter in what - or so it seems. This is a giant mask of over-confidence that mainly makes up what most people see of Johnathan. But what's even more annoying to many people is the fact that it's mostly true - he has incredible athletic abilites, even though he is a heavy smoker, can seemingly drink without getting really drunk, can even be charming, and has reflexes on ungodly levels. Most of that, though, steems from his cybernetically enhanced body and military training.
Underneath the mask of confidence and arrogance, Johnathan is a very kind and caring young man. He'd help a stranger without a second thought if he felt like it, and would gladly die for anyone in his squad - but he knows they're all just as 'awesome' - a word that has indeed become a catchphrase of his - as he himself, so that act will hopefully never be required. Besides his kindness, he can be very understanding for concerns, and if the situation and mood calls for it, will gladly shut his mouth and listen before giving advice.
One of the few things where he can give no advice are relationship-problems, seeing as he is quite immature about that, being still a single without even having a first date or kiss during his entire life. This might also be to him being so oblivious that you simply want to hit your forehead with your hand once you see it, though.
Besides being a great, even if annoying, friend whenever it is called for, the pilot hides a great sadness and self-hate from everyone as good as he can. Being a survivor from the Galaxy fleet, he lost his entire family and all of his friends, not being able to save even one of them, and loathes himself for it, which is also the reason for his secret behaviour of training as much as he can, no matter when and in what condition he is in.
While on duty, his fighting style is very reckless, but not suicidal. He knows what kind of shots his armor can take, which ones are barely able, and which ones would pulverize him. He always sees a way out for his comrades in battle, and can be quite good in boosting the morale. Still, he has no desire to ever lead a squad, since it's 'not his style' - actually, he just lacks leading qualities.
History: Johnathan was born on the Galaxy Fleet, the sister fleet to the Frontier. Seeing as cybernetics are not illegal, but rather developed on that fleet, Johnathan recieved his first 'upgrade' after an accident when he was 10 years old - thanks to a system failure, he was victim to a short-term vaccuum exposure, bursting some parts of his lungs.
Maybe thanks to that near-death experience in such a young age, he decided to always live to his fullest and follow his dreams as a kid, and as such, joined the military academy relatively soon. There, as a part of physical and mental training to become a pilot, he also recieved more and more cybernetic implants, which nowadays are in every part of his body to enhance him. They don't allow for superhuman tasks, but make everything a nice bit easier to accomplish, basicially heightening him as a human.
At the age of 17, the official age to join the military officially, his superiors thought about cutting down his extremely large ego with a rather mean method, by making his exam the hardest possible. Sadly for them, it didn't work out so well. Of course, passing the hardest possible exam wasn't easy, but no exam was completely unbeatable. Johnathan didn't manage to pass with flying colors as he hoped, but he passed - in the upper third of the new recruits. Piloting his first Valkyrie not shortly afterwards on a routine drill, one of his comrades and friends from schooldays had a critical system errior, and thanks to a very risky and nearly suicidal flight maneuver through a field of small asteroids, Johnathan was able to pull him out of the blast radius of the failing Valkyrie before it blew up in flames.
That didn't sit well with officials, and he was scolded for nearly three hours for disobeying orders, but in the end, he felt that he was in the right nonetheless, and his self-confidence finally led to him being demoted. Walker never saw the inner shell of a Valkyrie again for nearly a year, besides sneaking into the training simulator on every single chance. He knew that his chance would come -but he never hoped it would come the way it did.
During the attack of the Vajra on the Galaxy, he was suddenly called back into action, only to face hell itself. His former comrades and team-mates died around him like flies, and he himself unly survived the first contact because the same friend he saved nearly a year ago now threw himself into the line of fire.
Finally, he was one of the few pilots from the Galaxy Fleet to make it back onto the ship. After they were saved by the SMS and Frontier, Johnathan got an offer to be inlisted into the army once more as a pilot - but refused, quitting his job without any explanaition. A group of doctors allowed this step even in war, since his mental state was more than just a bit fragile.
Being alone for quite some time, only going out at night, it was hard for Walker to think about anything at all. He didn't feel only sad, but also empty inside, having lost anything. His home ship was one of the first to go down in flames.
Maybe it was pure chance, maybe it was luck. However, one evening, Johnathan nearly literally stumbled into Major Ozma. Through some circumstance or another, the two winded up sharing a drink together, and on a whim, Johnathan said yes to a seemingly random question if he could show off how his flight skills were.
A simulator is never like real life - but once Johnathan was entering the chamber, it was like he was reborn. His dull senses slowly came back alive - his numb mind woke up once more. Outside, a slightly knowing Ozma turned the simulator onto the hardest difficulty.
The man who stepped out of that chamber with a slight smirk had barely any resemblance to the broken one from before. The brown hair slightly swaying as he threw back his head, staring at the ceiling for a brief second.
A handshake later, and a signed contract. And from that day onward, Johnathan Walker was back in his top form, as Skull-06, the newest member on that date of the SMS. Mr. Confidence was truely back, and holding both his pain and his unwavering warrios heart close, his story was only beginning.

Sample Role-Play: You know how I RP.

Voice Sample:

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Johnathan Walker
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