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 Macross Quarter Class Variable Space Carrier

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PostSubject: Macross Quarter Class Variable Space Carrier   Sun May 02, 2010 2:23 pm

Macross Quarter Class Variable Space Carrier

Ship Type: variable attack space aircraft carrier
Government: Strategic Military Services (SMS)
Manufacturer: Yaesu Heavy Industries, L.A.I. Corporation
Ship Class: Macross Quarter
Ship Name: Macross Quarter, launched unknown.
Launch Date: unknown
Commission Date: unknown
Number of Class Commissioned: unknown
Complement: crew unknown
Warship (cruiser) Mode: overall, length 472 meters; width 178 meters; height 96 meters
Storm Attack (battle) Mode: overall, height 316 meters; width 164 meters; length 79.2 meters
Carrier ARMD-L: overall, length 254 meters
Gunship ARMD-R: overall, length 227 meters
Mobile-gun battery BASTER-L/BASTER-R: overall, length 129 meters
Mass: inertia weight, operational 165,000 tons; overall weight 265,000 tons (152,000 tons, main body); Carrier ARMD-L overall weight 56,000 tons; Gunship ARMD-R overall weight 48,000 tons; Mobile-gun battery BASTER-L/BASTER-R gross weight 8,855 tons
Structure: compound five-component structure consisting of the Central hull (main body and legs), port side aircraft carrier (ARMD-L), starboard side gunship (ARMD-R), back starboard-side mobile battery warship (BASTER-R), back port side mobile battery warship (BASTER-L); independent fold capable; heavy energy converting armor adopted to the bow of the gunship; gravitational field of 0.5G is formed on the flight deck; 3 x standard linear electromagnetic-type catapults (includes the angled deck).
Power System: Reaction engine cluster.
Main Machinery: fold system cluster; 4 x main engine thrusters; gravity control system.
Countermeasures: pin-point barrier system.
Operation: deployment inside and outside atmosphere as well as underwater is possible; ARMD-L carrier can be used as a shield when pin-point barrier is expanded in addition to "Macross Attack" for close-quarter attack; ARMD-L can be stowed on the back when firing Buster cannon.
1 x Gunship (Gatling-type buster cannon, Macross Cannon)/Heavy Quantum Reaction Cannon; can be used when energy is supplied by Central hull; Rapid-fire is possible with lower output in addition to being used as melee weapon when combined with pin-point barrier (mounted within forward starboard section in Carrier mode, right arm in Storm Attack mode)
10(?) x beam gun turrets for anti-aircraft defense (2 mounted amidships forward starboard (right shoulder); 2 mounted amidships forward port (left shoulder); 2 mounted amidships dorsal center (center torso); 1 mounted amidships rear starboard/1 port (upper legs); 1 mounted outboard starboard/1 port (lower legs).
many other firearms including reaction weapons.
Pin-point barrier
Craft and Mecha: maximum of 80 units (VF-25F, VF-25G, VF-25S and RVF-25 variable fighters; VB-6 Konig Monster; Queadluun-Rhea; Destroid Cheyenne II)
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Macross Quarter Class Variable Space Carrier
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